Who is leading the development of the Nuclear Innovation Institute?

On May 16th, 2018, Bruce Power and the County of Bruce announced that they partnered to build Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute.

Why are we establishing an Institute in the region?

With nearly 40 nuclear industry businesses located in the region Bruce Power and the County of Bruce will harness this strong foundation by establishing a hub for nuclear innovation through applied research and training.

Ontario is advancing nuclear technologies through refurbishment of its nuclear fleet, and much of it has found a long-term home in the region.

The Institute will harness this collective knowledge, skill and expertise to create opportunities for Ontario’s citizens and businesses, while we continue to deliver safe, clean, reliable, low-cost electricity, ensuring Ontario’s businesses remain competitive and families prosper.

What is the purpose and functions of the Institute?

Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute will bring together technological leaders to share collective expertise and knowledge, while identifying opportunities to advance nuclear applications and technologies, as well as people skills through training.

The Nuclear Innovation Institute will have three hubs:

1. Advanced Technology Hub

Creating a space for innovation teams to revolutionize business through the collaboration and development of new technologies that apply to current business operations and future business opportunities. The initial areas of focus include:

2. Business Development & Regional Coordination Hub

Building a diverse and sustainable regional economy that supports industry growth over the long term through business development, collaboration and coordination of public and private sector partners. Initial areas of focus include:

  • Regional Economic Development Coordination
  • Regional Innovation Council
  • Business Incubation and Acceleration
  • Business Development and Advisory Services
  • Centre for Indigenous Economic Development

3. Talent Development & Training Coordination Hub

Establishing a centralized hub for engaging and preparing tomorrow’s workforce for future employment and training opportunities, and creating a regional talent
pipeline in current and future industries with an emphasis on youth, underemployed workers and the under-represented workforce. The Talent Development
areas of focus will start with:

What type of work will be done out of the NII?

The NII will facilitate and coordinate innovation teams that will bring together academia, technological experts, industry leaders, and end users to collaboratively
develop sustainable solutions to business challenges while creating efficiencies in existing operations — and identifying new opportunities for the future of nuclear.

Designed as a collaboration space, the NII will also provide opportunities to advance public sector solutions, and capitalize on the expertise and knowledge that the NII will bring to the area. The NII will also connect youth and under-employed workers to new and innovative careers.


Where will the Institute be located?

The partners are currently in the process of identifying a suitable located in Bruce County.


How will you manage the process for establishing the Institute?  

The project has now commenced with a development phase where key partners will be established, a formal business plan developed, operating structure put in place, along with the physical planning of a facility.

Bruce Power and Bruce County have established a Planning and Development Team to move forward on the physical planning and coordination of the facility and ensure alignment of functions and shared opportunities.

A new Oversight Committee for the Institute will also be established, chaired by Frank Saunders, President of the Nuclear Innovation Institute.

This group will solicit expertise from key partners and domestic and international organizations to guide the formation of the Institute and work closely with a team between Bruce Power and the County of Bruce, which has been jointly established to guide the development phase of the project.

How will the Institute be managed?

Once operational, the Institute will operate by a stand-alone entity to be established with a governance structure, business plan and appropriate partnerships.

This will include a separate legal operating entity with dedicated human resources for ongoing operations and a Board of Directors to oversee its function, separate and distinct from Bruce Power and Bruce County.

What are your timelines?

The goal is to complete this development and break ground for a facility no later than 2020.

How will stakeholders be engaged in the development process?

While developing the Institute’s core functions, we have begun dialogues with various stakeholders, recognizing activities are already underway across the region that can complement and enhance the Institute’s functions.

Bruce County has engaged Deloitte to develop a proposed operational and financial model to advance the notion of establishing an innovation centre for business incubation and acceleration to be located within the Institute. Deloitte is also engaged to develop a proposed framework for the Skilled Trades Secretariat.

Bruce Power and Bruce County continue to work together on establishing an overall operational model for the Institute.

Who is paying to build and operate the Institute?

We are currently developing a capital campaign and financial model on the overall costs for building and operating the Institute.

Outreach will be made to senior levels of government as well industry partners to assist in financing both the build of the Institute, as well as, Institute operations.

How can I stay informed on progress?

Visit www.nuclearinnovationinstitute.com